Thursday, 6 September 2012

Heads, I win...

Recently i had to work weekends - the night shift no less. Its not something that i do on a regular basis. But at times, duty beckons. So there I was rostering for the night shift. Needless to say this night shift gave HoneyBunch the opportunity to throw tantrums. She not only forbade me from stepping out but also proceeded to tell me what I could do in case the bosses weren’t too happy with my vanishing act. This was how the conversation went:

HB: Mamma, don’t go to work.

Me: Sweetie, we discussed this. If there was a slim chance of me not being needed, I would not have gone. And you know I don’t do this often. But if I am needed, I am needed. There are no two ways about it. So let me go. I will be back before you are up on Sunday morning.

HB: Don’t go. Call your boss and tell him you can’t come.

Me: What will I tell my boss last minute? Why can’t I go? They’ll fire me for the last minute ditch.

HB: Then you leave the job.

Me: And do what?

HB: Work in Pappa’s office. He does not work weekends or go to office at night. His office is better than yours and his boss is also good. So you work in his office.

Me: I will not know what to do in Pappa’s office.

HB: So? You can learn. You join Pappa’s office from tomorrow. He can teach you what to do. Otherwise you become a teacher and teach in my school. Then you can come home with me. And be at home on Saturday and Sunday.

Me: I can’t be a teacher.

HB: Why not?

Me: Can’t baby.

HB: But why?

(This clearly wasn’t working; so I decided to reverse the flow.)

Me: OK, now tell me this. Let’s say your school tells you to come in for an extra class on Sunday. Your teacher tells you “HB, you need to attend an extra class, because it will be good for you. You and four of your best classmates have been asked to attend the class. What will you do? Will you ask me to change your school because of this one extra class Or will you miss the lecture?’

HB: (after taking a full minute to think) I will attend.

Me: Really!! Why?? Why would you go to school on a Sunday?

HB: I’ll go.

Me: But why? What is the reason?

HB: It’s a class, Mamma. And teacher is asking us to attend. It is important. So I will go.

And, before I could say ‘aha!’ HB added ‘But you don’t go. You stay at home today and work in Pappa’s office from tomorrow. I will tell him to teach you what to do in his office.’

...Tails you lose!

Angry Birds and Happy Mom!!

Ranting over the "ill" effects of Angry Birds in an earlier post, I grudgingly admit to have fallen hook, line and sinker for those pesky birds. I take absolute delight in blasting the cheeky pigs. There are so many versions that entice you. Angry Birds – Space/ Seasons/Underwater. It’s like a dream come true.

I wanted something different to do in my rare free time. Something that I do just for myself; For my entertainment. Something as far removed from the tasks on my To DO list as possible. I found all that and more in Angry Birds. It’s my most absorbing passion yet.

It’s not like I don’t have a hobby. I am an avid reader. But off late the books that could hold my interest have been far and few between. So I kind of went easy on the library trips. But now with Angry Birds free times have taken on a whole new meaning. It’s my real stress buster. I am so shamelessly addicted to it that I don’t think twice over arguing with Honeybunch for iphone (read Angry Bird) time. In fact, on one occasion, I was horrid enough to ask Honeybunch to watch TV so that she will let me play in peace!! Delays, wait times don’t annoy me at all. I have downloaded several paid versions and can’t wait to demolish the various pig homes. Not just that I love to better my score and reach new high scores for every game…!! I am done with the "space" version and looking forward to complete the "underwater" too....

Have you tried it yet? Give it a shot... you are guaranteed to get hooked forever...!!