Friday, 13 April 2012

Role Reversal???!!

Yesterday we decided to catch a movie. While getting ready, as usual despite having a wardrobe full of clothes, it felt like I had nothing to wear. I tried the skirt top first.  How does it look, Honeybunch?”
(Here I have to mention that while I was scouting for clothes in the wardrobe, Honeybunch had selected the right frock and got dressed and was in the process of brushing her hair when I “troubled” her for an opinion. In hindsight, I shouldn’t have!!)
“It looks nice Mamma. I like the red color. It looks good on you.  Wear it” she replied and went back to getting dressed. But I didn’t think so. So I changed into a pair of jeans and T-shirt. This time I didn’t ask her. Not liking what the mirror showed me, I changed. And this madness went on. Twenty minutes and seven outfits later, I was still undecided and the bed was a mess with all the discarded outfits. At this point Honeybunch was ready, hair brushed, watch strapped and all set to go.  And I hadn’t even decided on the clothes!!!
Gosh!! What nonsense!! Honeybunch turned around and noticed the bed!! “My God, Mamma what is this? How many times will you change? I told you the first dress was looking good. Why did you not listen to me? And now how many more clothes will you try?” Her actions matching her words, she looked genuinely annoyed. Wow!! I was already seething inside. Her response made me madder.  But I held my peace. First the clothes didn’t fit because I’d put on weight. Yeah, that was the real reason why nothing looked good. All those clothes that fit me snugly once upon a time, refused to do so now. And to add to it, here was a 6 year old berating me on the mess I had made in the room!!! Yeah I know at one point kids will start to tell their parents what to do and what not to do, but do they start so soon??  Unbelievable! Sufficiently chastened, I dressed in the next available outfit. Without daring to glimpse in the mirror, I quickly stepped out.

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