Friday, 14 February 2014

And its a wonderful world !!!

Have stayed away from the blog for ages...There were times when i visited my own blog and promised to write a new post...but couldn't!! Hopefully, will be able to post everyday..even if its a small line to myself. Its a beautiful day today. One that i haven't had in ages. Peace around me and peace within!! Its nice and cool outside. There's a bit of chill in the air. Blogging from my bed, i can see the beautiful lake...calm and my mind...may these days thrive!!! Plan for today: Pick up daughter from school..(who has annual day practice on Saturday..No child should have to go to school on Saturday !!!) Go the mall, lunch and catch a movie...Hasee toh Phase maybe. Am assuming it will be a child friendly movie! Shopping and then home. Exams are round the will need to factor in at least an hour of studies before we settle into Saturday night mode..!! Something different for maybe..stay up until something good on TV and then bedtime. Saturdays...wonderful Saturday...never should you end!!!

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