Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Mixed Bag

Kahaani…what a movie! Amazing story line and super performances from the entire cast…And Calcutta captured so beautifully. I have never been to Calcutta. But following Vidya Bagchi as she skirts its streets and by lanes, I had a feeling of being in Calcutta all the time while watching the movie.

After being subjected to mindless mish mash in the name of movies, along comes one gem of a movie. Just Google Kahaani and there are reams and reams of praise being heaped on Ms. Balan and the rest of the cast!!! Well deserved IMO. I believe Kahaani has made it to IMDB’s list of Top 50 thrillers!! It’s at position 12 actually!! No mean feat for an Indian movie…!!

And you know what else is truly amazing…even though there are so many reviews of the movie floating around….not one has revealed the end!! Though some reviews have teeny weeny spoilers none have come out with the “mother of all spoilers”. Everyone who has seen the movie is urging everyone who hasn’t to go watch the movie….no one but no one is even hinting towards the real McCoy!! Nice!! Very Nice!! Rarely is a movie made that evokes such enthusiastic sentiments in cinemagoers all over the world!!!

Did you watch Kahaani? If not...go for it...!!

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