Thursday, 29 March 2012

Leave it at Good Enough??!! contd....

And while i was debating the pros and cons of the 10 minute Rigor Recap, this happened......

I had to visit the bank for a loan closure formality. It had been pending for a long while. I was in constant touch with the bank’s loan officer but had not been able to go personally to the bank to close the loan. Ultimately, one day I decided to not dilly dally any longer and just do it!! So, intimating the loan officer of my plans, I finally headed to the bank.
I completed the closure formalities. The officer asked me to wait for about 5 minutes until the closure letter was being drafted. I was in no hurry and so was happy to wait in the lounge area. That’s when I noticed 3 small girls in pigtails and school uniform walk into the bank. They would have been Grade 1 or Grade 2 kiddos. I was confused seeing them there as there was no accompanying adult. Also, I couldn’t help notice that they all carried an air of familiarity while in the bank. It did not seem like they were there for the first time. After loitering for a couple of seconds near the door, they retreated into a small reception like area. I was distracted by the lady typing the closure letter and so did not check to see what happened later.
I went back to the loan officer. She said “your letter’s ready. I just need to initial it after making some updates. Would you mind waiting for just 10 minutes more? Actually the thing is my daughter is here. She has two papers today – Mental Math and Dictation!! I just need to do a quick 10 minutes revision with her before she goes to school.  She always does better when I revise with her, even if it is just for 10 minutes…!”
Wow!!! Now where have I heard that one before!!! Sure I said…take your time I am really in no hurry!!! The loan officer went to the reception like area. So her kiddo had come to revise with her and had got two of her friends in tow!!!
The loan officer was back even before the stipulated 10 minutes were up. Revision done, her daughter was off to school ready to tackle mental math and anything else that needed tackling, supremely confident after that 10 min power recap with Mom!! 
I was simultaneously amused and happy. Happy in drawing comfort from the knowledge that I wasn’t the lone ranger believing in the power of Mom’s 10 minute rigor recaps!! I was always sure that there were more Moms like me who did not believe in leaving it at Good Enough; but to have actually witnessed it first hand at the unlikeliest of places was very amusing.
More Power to Rigor Recaps!??!! What say???

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