Wednesday, 21 March 2012

What’s a kiddo supposed to do..??

Honeybunch was completing homework in EVS – Environmental Studies – that teaches the little ones about family roles and responsibilities among other things. In her worksheet, she had to write 3 things that her Dad does for her. Without a thought she wrote: he takes me out on weekends, he gives me toys and he gives me ice creams……all of these were her last weekend’s experiences and none of them were from the book.

While I encourage free thinking especially in subjects like EVS, these answers were nearly too “free” of the real content!! So I reprimanded her. “You need to write from the book, dear!! All this is fine…but what about the things mentioned in your text book?” (which incidentally had listed all the things that an ideal Dad should do!!!  ) I made her re-read the chapter and write the worksheet with the new text book answers.

A month later, as part of the routine revision she got another worksheet. She had to again jot down the things that her father did for her. She wrote down all the things and then started reading them out to me one by one. Have to confess here that I had completely forgotten my “discussion” with her on writing only that which is cited in the book!! I was happy that she had done the entire worksheet on her own and so was fondly listening to her as she called out the items listed….… dad loves me, he buys me clothes, he goes to work and earns money….etc… etc…….at the end of the list she wrote…he takes my studies every night and helps me with homework…I heard that one and went “what….when does Dad help you with homework…I am the one who does that….i help you with studies..and I help you revise…when did Dad help??’ and pat came the reply “Did you not say write from the text book?”

Yes, that....I did say...!!!

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