Monday, 7 April 2014

Weekends...need more of them !!!!

After a very long time, enjoyed a cool peaceful weekend.

Last two weekends, I had ambitiously decided to welcome carpenters into the home - had a huge backlog of wood work.....three precious holidays were sacrificed at the altar of housekeeping!! While carpenters took over rest of the home, we lived, ate, studied, watched TV and slept in one bedroom!! But the end result was worth the pain and home is now as good as new!!

This weekend the weather was far from was cool, light and breezy. Perfect for a laid back day filled with endless chats....Mom-in-law's visiting, so she had a lot of tales to share .....I even managed  three hour snooze on Sunday...

Exams start this week & go on right up to the 22nd... Dear Lord, waiting for the exams to end....

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