Saturday, 5 April 2014

Dubai Musings

Next month we have a trip planned to Dubai…Daughter and I fly to Dubai. My leave is sanctioned and daughter has her vacations...our tickets and visas are in. Dubai in May…here we come!! Don't know how hot it’s going to be but don’t really have a choice. Since last November, the husband has been dividing his time between Dubai and Mumbai. Since having moved to Dubai he has been down here quite a few times but we haven't gone there - thanks to work and school schedules. Now that vacations have started, I’ve got my leave sanctioned and Dubai planning is well on its way!! We've drawn up the lists - of all the things that we need to buy - stuff that we will need in all the basics covered. Everyday after lunch, daughter calls me up…..”Let’s plan for Dubai”….And then for the next 10 minutes (before I cajole her to take a nap) we go over the same plan every single day…!! This is our third overseas trip as a family. Singapore came first, followed by US last year and Dubai this year...Plans for next year...Europe!! Honestly, I love travel and daughter loves it too. She makes for an amazing travel partner. No cribs, tantrums, matter what the situation she's always willing to go with the flow. During or US trip, we ate whatever we were served…on most days it was scrambled eggs/ spiced potato. She didn’t seem to mind it at all…finishing her breakfast with a flourish and readying herself for the touristy day ahead!! The attitude makes me happy!! Touchwood!! This time since it’s a morning flight, we’ve already planned to not eat anything at home but head straight to airport, complete check-in, immigration, etc and then head straight to a breakfast place. Have tea and croissants, maybe a sandwich. Given that we would reach way ahead of the boarding time, there will enough time to stroll around. We’ll buy books for me and her to read; coloring material, small toys maybe - then stuff it all in the carry on and proceed to boarding….. This time, I will not only take a lot of photos but will ensure that I upload it to the blog too. And I will blog every single day. Every. Single. Day. I have promised myself to breathe life back into this blog!!! And finally it’s weekend !!

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