Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Yikes !!!

Big Big Boss is visiting from overseas. I had to make a presentation.

So, left home a good two hours ahead of time to reach the office where the presentation was being held.

Made it before time and headed straight to the canteen. Empty stomachs make bad presenters, so fed myself some egg white, bread and tea. Half an hour later was at the meeting venue.

The meeting started on time. Boss and Big Boss were in attendance too. Random stuff I noticed during the presentation ...(!!!) 

Boss: All suited up....but still looking sloppy :-( Suits don't necessarily maketh a man.

Big Boss: No suit ! Horrible combination of pale yellow/brown shirt and red dotted tie.....No Good!

Big Big Boss from Overseas: No suit, No tie, pale white shirt and (gasp!!!) No vest!!!! Eeew!!!!  Aren't vests a must wear ??? Aren't they??? Aren't they??

And double Eeew!!!!! To me!! For noticing such things during the presentation!!! But tbh, the vest-less look was peeking out through the button gaps !!! Yikes!!!!

Whatever happened to formal dressing?!!

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